Avoirdupois debuted Collection Nº1 / Tripartite in 2019 with a solo show at 17 White Street in Tribeca. Consisting of 22 pieces, Tripartite as a collection is the visual division of three. Every piece shares commonality with a single triplicating motif running through the entire collection in discernible and ambiguous ways. Aluminum and silver tones were prominently featured. The motif was explored in a multitude of materials including veneers, lacquers, hardwoods, metals, plastics, bentwood, plywood, porcelain, upholstery and natural caning. All pieces are numbered to represent their inclusion in Collection Nº1, said numbers are all divisible by three.

I am James Stumpf. I am one-half engineer, one-half designer and the founder of Avoirdupois. I work to create original furniture and lighting pieces based on proper proportions, historically proven shapes/forms using exploratory materials and manufacturing techniques. All facets of Collection Nº1 / Tripartite were singularly designed, engineered, built and finished in my SoHo workshop over a 2-½ year period.